Medical Symposium 2013

Vernon Lodge Ballrooms

Friday March 1, 2013, CME session:


Pasta Buffett Ballroom


7:00pm – 7:45pm

“Vaccine preventable diseases for the wanderer: Travel tips”

Dr. Chris Andrews, MD


7:45pm – 8:30pm

“Trauma Surgery in Kandahar”

Dr. Dean Malish, MD



Short description about this year’s
Medical Symposium 2013 with agenda.

We are pleased this year to have, as our special Guest Speaker at the Tournament Banquet, Liam MacGuire, is regarded as the worlds number one NHL historian.



Liam Maguire is regarded as the worlds number one NHL historian. He’s a three time published author including his most recent book, Next Goal Wins, released for Christmas 2012-published by Random House-forward by Wayne Gretzky. Liam has appeared on every national radio and TV show in Canada including Hockey Night in Canada and TSN’s Off the Record where he has been a guest 41 times. He has worked with more than three dozen Hall-of-Fame players in 30+ years of performing, emceeing or hosting numerous hockey related functions in both Canada and the US. His live performances leave people shaking their heads at his incredible recall of NHL facts and anecdotes going back to 1917 and even back to the first years of the Stanley Cup, 1893. Come prepared to be entertained!


The guy is a walking encyclopedia.” – Phil Esposito

When Liam Maguire performs live it’s a display of hockey knowledge the likes of which I have never seen.” – Bobby Orr

Liam’s passion for hockey and his knowledge of the NHL are second to none” – Wayne Gretzky