Tournament Schedule

After day one’s play, the teams will be ranked by the commissioners.

  • In the Osler Conference, teams will be ranked 1st to 3rd after round robin play. Osler 2nd will play Osler 3rd for the right to play Osler 1st in the finals.
  • In the Banting Conference, five teams will play in round robin format with overall winner taking the Banting Cup.
  • In the Griffith Conference, four teams will complete in a round robin format with top two teams competing for the Griffith Cup.
  • In the McRae Conference, five teams will play in a round robin format with overall winner taking the McRae Cup.
  • In the Cawkell Conference, four teams will play in a round robin with the top two teams competing for the Cawkell Cup.
  • STANDINGS: head-to-head wins, most wins, fewest goals against, fewest penalty minutes, fewest OT games, coin toss.
All games will be 60 minutes of run time (except if there is a 3 goal or less difference in which case the last 3 minutes of the 3rd period will be stop time.  In case of a tie, there will be one sudden death overtime period of 3 on 3 (only 3 skaters on each team) for 5 minutes straight time. If the tie persists, there will be a 3-man shoot-out, with no repeats until a winner is declared. If one team exhausts its line-up and requires repeat players, repeats will also be allowed for the other team.

Friday Schedule

Kal Tire Place
8:00AMScrews ‘N Bolts (7)Capital Offence (6)
9:30AMOak Bay (3)Monte Creek (7)
11:00AMSurrey (1)Capital Offense (3)
12:30pmNorth Stars (5)Full Release (7)
2:00PMSurrey (8)Screws ‘N Bolts (4)
3:30PMFull ReleaseTofino
Kal Tire North (New rink)
8:00AM Pylons (0)North Stars (9)
9:30AM Tofino (1)Vernon (3)
11:00AM Sechelt (4)
*Non-doctor player)
Lumby (2)
12:30pm Vancouver (5)Kelowna (7)
2:00PM Pylons (0)Vernon (5)
3:30PMLumbyOak Bay
8:00AMKits (3)Victoria (0)
9:30AMPediahatricks (8)Kamloops (6)
11:00AMNo gameNo game
12:30pmPediahatricks (3)Kits (2)
3:30PMNo gameNo game

Saturday Schedule

Kal Tire Place
8:00AMSechelt (5)Oak Bay (2)
9:30AMCapital Offence (3)Screws ‘N Bolts (5)
11:00AMNew West (4)Kelowna (12)
12:30pmMonte Creek (0) (Cawkell #1 – FINALS)Lumby (4) (Cawkell #2 FINALS)
2:00PMSurrey (Osler 2nd/3rd winner – FINALS) 4Screws ‘N Bolts (Osler 1st FINALS) 5
3:30PMPedihatrick (Griffith 1st FINALS) (6)Kits Whalers (Griffith 2nd FINALS) (4)
Kal Tire North
8:00AMMonte Creek (1)Lumby (5)
9:30AMVernon (2)Full Release (4)
11:00AMPylons (5)Tofino (3)
12:30pmNorth Stars (4)Vernon (1)
2:00PMPylons (2)Full Release (10)
3:30PMNorth Stars (7)Tofino (2)
Priest Valley
9:30AMPG Mighty Moose (4)Vancouver (3)
11:00AMOak Bay (1) (Cawkell #3)Sechelt (4) (Cawkell #4)
12:30pmVancouver(11)Pedialyte (0)
2:00PMNew West (3)PG Mighty Moose (4)
3:30PMVictoria (Griffith 3rd) (1)Kamloops (Griffith 4th) (2)
8:00AMNo gameNo game
9:30AMPedihatricks (2)Victoria (1)
11:00AMKamloops (3)Kits (5)
12:30pmNo gameNo game
2:00PMNo gameNo game
3:30PMNo gameNo game

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