CME event March 1, 2024

For registered players only – join us in the banquet area in the Prestige Vernon Lodge and Conference Centre for our annual CME event. Hosted by Salmon Arm Silverquacks team members, Dr Phil Simpson and Dr Rich Currie.

Dinner will be provided, limited to 150 attendees, first come basis. Starts at 6PM. Certificates will be available on line after the tournament.

This years event:


Test your knowledge of the latest practice-changing studies and guidelines in a game of medical Jeopardy!  First round will be open to everyone to participate (via phone app), in teams of your choosing.  The top three teams will then proceed to a second, more traditional round of Jeopardy to compete for the Grand Prize under the intense, ever-judging scrutiny of your peers.  Many will enter… only one will emerge victorious.


1. Test our knowledge of the latest practice-changing studies and guidelines in a diffuse range of medical topics relevant to clinical practice.

2. Use fun trivia to identify current gaps in our general medical knowledge, and demonstrate our fear of change by arguing relentlessly with our peers about why we disagree with the answers provided.  

3. Identify those trivia nerds on opposing hockey teams who simply can’t help themselves from answering every question, and memorize their names and jersey numbers to later deliver brutal hockey-style vengeance on the ice.

Information for Saturday, March 2 banquet coming soon.

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