Hall of Fame

Osler Conference

YearConference WinnerMVP Trophy Winner
1983Vancouver MD’sRobert Halpenny – Vancouver
1984Vancouver MD’sJ. Wankling – Salmon Arm
1985Coquitlam MD’sKevin Merth – Coquitlam
1986Shaughnessy MD’sKevin Merth – Coquitlam
1987Mission MedicksEd Berinstein – Salmon Arm/Sechelt
1988Coquitlam MD’sBrock Pullen – Coquitlam
1989Mission MedicksRobb Sebastian – West Kootenay
1990Northern StarsD. Wickham – Northern Stars
1991Cranbrook MD’sPeter Spafford – Burnaby Blades
1992Burnaby MD’sPeter Spafford – Burnaby Blades
1993Northern Stars/ShaughnessyPeter Spafford – Burnaby Blades
1994Burnaby MD’sDan Gordon – West Kootenay
1995Northern StarsBrian Brodie/Brian Pasula – Northern Stars
1996Burnaby MD’sDave Jones – Burnaby Blades
1997Burnaby MD’sPeter Spafford – Burnaby Blades
1998Fraser Valley FlyersIan Dugdale – Fraser Valley Flyers
1999Fraser Valley FlyersJay Barberie – Burnaby Blades
2000Penticton MD’sMurray Opdahl – Burnaby Blades
2001Bethune Division: Penticton Pacers
Penfield Division: Kelowna Quacks
Jeff Plant – Burnaby Blades
2002Bethune Division: Fraser Valley Flyers
Penfield Division: Penticton Pacers
Tom Demarco – Shaughnessy
2003Bethune Division: Fraser Valley FlyersJim Demarco – Shaughnessy
2004Osler Conference: Fraser Valley Flyers
Grenfell Division: Vancouver Island Pylons
Ian Dugdale – Fraser Valley Flyers
2005Osler Conference: Penticton Pacers
Grenfell Division: Shaughnessy
Mike Monument – Penticton Pacers
2006Osler Conference: Penticton Pacers
Grenfell Division: North Stars
Justin Flynn – North Stars
2007Osler Conference: Fraser Valley Flyers
Grenfell Division: Shaughnessy
Steve Mathias – Fraser Valley Flyers
2008Osler Conference: Penticton Pacers (Trophy: Fraser Valley)
Grenfell Division: Capital Offence
Jamie Johnston – Penticton Pacers
2009Osler Conference: Surrey Concrete
Grenfell Division: Vancouver Island Pylons
Jeff Shrum – Surrey
2010Capital Offence
Chris Nielsen – Surrey Concrete
2011Fraser Valley FlyersBrett Holliwell – Surrey Concrete
2012Surrey ConcreteBrett Holliwell – Surrey Concrete
2013Fraser Valley FlyersMike Bosch
2014Surrey ConcreteSean Addison
2015Fraser Valley FlyersJ. Inglis-Fraser Valley
2016Surrey ConcreteAaron Bradford-Fraser Valley
2017Surrey ConcreteTravis Novak-Screws ‘n Bolts
2018Capital Offence#21 – Surrey Concrete
2019Surrey ConcreteTaylor MacIntyre

Banting Conference

YearConference WinnerMVP Trophy Winner
1997CoquitlamMike Bobyn – Kelowna Quacks
1998Banting Conference: Vernon Mighty Docs
Helmcken Division: Sechelt Coasters
Len Delair – Vernon Mighty Docs
1999Victoria KingsFred Dyck – Vancouver Island Pylons
2000Kamloops VipersKeith Hutchison – Kamloops Vipers
2001Selye Division: North Stars
Helmcken Division: Vancouver Island Pylons
Laura Bennion – St. Paul’s Concrete
2002Selye Division: Horbaig Mighty Docs
Helmcken Division: Vernon Mighty Docs
Justin Flynn – North Stars
2003Selye Division: Victoria KingsCharlie Ricketson – Victoria Kings
2004Franks Division: West Kootenay
Mckenzie Division: Horbaig Mighty Docs
Joe Foster – Vancouver Island Pylons
2005Franks Division: Kelowna Quack Hawks
Mckenzie Division: Burnaby Blades
Doug Stoski – Vernon Mighty Docs
2006Franks Division: Burnaby Blades
Mckenzie Division: Capital Offence
Jeff Brown – Kelowna Quack Hawks
2007Franks Division: Capital Offence
Mckenzie Division: Kamloops
Rob Rideout – Capital Offence
2008Banting Conference: Kitsilano Whalers
Mckenzie Division: Vernon Space Docs
Steve MacKenzie – Victoria Kings
2009Banting Conference: Whiskey Creek Hillbillies
Mckenzie Division: Kelowna Quackhawks
Shawn Gill – Whiskey Creek
2010Banting Conference: Vancouver Island Pylons
McKenzie Division: Vernon Space Docs
Jay Barberie – Vancouver Island Pylons
2011Banting Conference: Full Release
McKenzie Division: Kitsilano Whalers
David Manning – Full Release
2012Banting Conference: North Stars
McKenzie Division: Vernon Space Docs
Jamie Appleby – North Stars
2013Banting conference: Capital OffenceJake Morash
2014Banting Conference: Capital Offence
McKenzie Division: Kitsilano Whalers
Matt Billinghurst
2015Banting: Vernon Space Docs
McKenzie: Victoria Kings
Banting: Kevin Koopman-Vernon Space Docs
McKenzie: Hide Kato-Pedihatrick
2016Banting: PG North Stars
McKenzie: Full Release
Banting: Justin Flynn -PG North Stars
McKenzie: Jake Morash
2017Tofino HawksPhil Urness-Full Release
2018Full Release# 5 – Full Release
2019Full ReleaseJordan Morash

Griffith Conference

YearConference WinnerMVP Trophy Winner
1997Kelowna Quack HawksNeil Leslie – Sechelt Coasters
1998Vancouver Island PylonsMel Vincent – Vancouver Island Pylons
1999Kamloops VipersAllan Leia – Sechelt Coasters
2000St. Paul’s ConcreteKevin Morrison – St. Paul’s Concrete
2001MissionJeff Chambers – Prince George Mighty Moose
2002MissionDon Scaman – Mission
2003Vancouver FlatlinersJames Bond – Vancouver Flatliners
2004Naismith Division: Vancouver Island Vipers
McRae Division: Vancouver Flatliners
Maurice Marchand – Victoria Kings
2005Naismith Division: Vancouver Flatliners
McRae Division: Oak Bay Wanderers
Penfield Division: New Westminster
Ken Mills – Lumby
2006Naismith Division: Kelowna Handidarts
McRae Division: Oak Bay (Trophy:Sechelt)
Penfield Division: Pedihatricks (Trophy: Sharks)
Blake Farren – Monte Creek Pythons
2007Naismith Division: Pedihatricks (Trophy: Vanc)
McRae Division: Nanaimo/Oak Bay (Trophy: Handidarts)
Penfield Division: Lumby
Chris Baliski – Kelowna Handidarts
2008Naismith Division: Oak Bay (Trophy: Pedihatricks)
McRae Division: Vancouver Flatliners
Penfield Division: Lumby
Peter Trnka – Pedihatricks
2009Griffith Conference: Pedihatricks
McRae Division: New Westminster (by default under the non-doc rule)
Penfield Division: Lumby
Steve Reynolds – Pedihatricks
2010Griffith Conference: Pedihatricks
Naismith Division: Vancouver Flatliners
McRae Division: Lumby General Hospital
Peter Tmka – Pedihatricks
2011Griffith Conference: Sechelt Coasters
Naismith Division: N/A this year
Steve McKenzie – Victoria Kings
2012Kelowna HandidartsBrain Martin – Kelowna Handidarts
2013Kamloops VipersRavi Sunder
2014Vancouver Island PylonsZack King
2015Griffith: PG Mighty Moose
McRae: Lumby General Hospital
Griffith: Toffee Murphy-New West
Dr. Wells, Mighty Moose

McRae: Dave Rydz-Pedialyte

2016Griffith:PG Blue Sticks
McRae: Nanaimo Islanders
Griffith: Carson Gill -Kelowna Handidarts
McRae: Kat Ward-Pedialyte
2017Vancouver Island PylonsKevin Nguyen-Vancouver Witchdoctors
2018Kitsilano#99 – Kitsilano
2019KamloopsMark Fenrich

Other Conference

YearConference WinnerMVP Trophy Winner
2011Penfield Conference: Kelowna Handidarts
McRae Division: Monte Creek Pythons
2012Naismith Conference: NanaimoRocky Moyes – Nanaimo
2014Naismith Conference: Salmon Arm Silverquacks
McRae Division: Monte Creek Pythons
Brook Glanville
2017McRae Conference-Kelowna Handidarts

Cawkell Conference-PG Mighty Moose

McRae-Carson Gill-Kelowna Handidarts

Cawkell Conference-Justin Perrier-Lumby General Hospital

2018McRae Conference – Vancouver / Cawkell Conference – PG Mighty Moose#9 –
2019McRae Conference – Vancouver

Cawkell Conference – Sechelt

Pam Newman

Richard Nadeau

Tournament Awards

YearMost Sportsmanlike TeamMost Sportsmanlike Player (Doug Stoski Memorial)Stanley CupFounders Award
1983Salmon Arm/NelsonMark Clark – KelownaDave Powter – Most Improved Player/
1984Nelson/TrailBrain Brodie – KelownaDick Story – Most Improved Goaltender/
1985VernonJohn Henderson – Salmon ArmRobby Sebastian /
1986Kelowna QuacksJohn McKay – West KootenayJohn MannWill Cawkell – Vernon
1987Burns LakeBrian Berry – Vancouver IslandDick Story – Best GoaltenderBarry Stanley
1988Kelowna QuacksJohn McKay – West KootenayWill Cawkell – Best Performance While Wearing a CastGordon Mack
1989Sunshine Coast/Salmon ArmKen Kolkind – Sechelt/Salmon ArmRichard MoriKen Mills
Dave Cameron – Kelowna
1990VernonDave Cameron – KelownaWally (Pops) JamesHarbin King
1991VancouverGerry Roberts – ShaughnessyBill (Slapshot) FairRoyce Hetherington
Wayne Holmes
Dave Tourond
1992Kamloops VipersWill Cawkell – VernonStephen Samoyloff – Top Scoring Dukabour/
1993VernonMike Bobyn – KelownaRoss Waldron – Top Performer/
1994Vicoria KingsLynn Fedoruk – CoquitlamBob Henderson – Top Scorer/
1995Williams Lake/Sunshine CoastBruce Nodwell – Penticton PacersTerry Curran/
1996West KootenayBrian Kwan – West KootenayGavin Smart/
1997North StarsDoug Leitner – Penticton PacersFred Dyck – Most Valuable Pylon/
1998North StarsBob Henderson – VernonTerry Curran – Entertainment SpecialistGordon Mack
1999New WestminsterKen Chan – Victoria KingsChris Cunningham – Beginner to Star in One SeasonKen Chann – Victoria Kings
2000ShaughnessyBrian Henshaw – West KootenayDave ArnoldHenry Wiebe – Vancouver Island Pylons
2001CoquitlamMike Puttick – KelownaLen DelairBrian Henshaw – West Kootenay
2002Victoria KingsJamie Appleby – North StarsFred Dyck – Scoring Most Uncounted GoalsGavin Smart – Vernon
2003Victoria KingsManish Bhatt – LumbyRichard Mori – Standing Player with the Greatest HangoverGary Koss – Vancouver Flatliners
2004West KootenayRichard Mori – VernonBrain ChaiBev Nickel
2005Powell River Foreign BodiesMark Adrian – Powel River Foreign BodiesAllan Meyer “Tiger”Colm Cole – Shaughnessy
2006Oak Bay WanderersSteve MacKenzie – Victoria KingsNelson CollinsBruce Wong – Oak Bay Wanderers
2007Vancouver FlatlinersDylan Pickersgill – Prince George Mighty MooseBill Fair – Sometimes Fair-PlayBrad Raison – Penticton
2008LumbyJosie Schmid – Prince George Mighty MooseKen Poskitt – Great Import from PedihatricksDave Cameron – Kelowna Handidarts
2009South Island SharksKeith Hatlelid – Vancouver FlatlinersAgata Golosinsk – Lumby
Greg Houle – Vernon
Chris Cunningham
2010Monte Creek PythonsKim King – Nanaimo IslandersFred Dyck – Vernon Space DocsJamie Appleby – North Stars
2011Salmon Arm SilverquacksNick Au
2012Salmon Arm SilverquacksJohn Wickert – Salmon ArmLarry Mandrick
2013Oak Bay WanderersCornel Barnard
2014PedialyteAndre Pickersgill
2015Victoria KingsSandy Wright-LumbyBill Fair-VernonBob McKenzie-Kamloops
2016PG Blue SticksAaron Bradford-Fraser Valley
2017Oak Bay WanderersTroy Pinsonneault-PG Might MooseClaire Thurger-Lumby General
2019PG North StarsUnawardedJamie Appleby/
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